Cher Best: A double dose of virtues

Every now and then in life you hear something that is so impactful that it leads you to want to remember it and to act on it.


This past Sunday, my pastor, Hardie Davis Jr., talked about the Nine Virtues of the Holy Spirit. As he laid them out and then defined them, I realized that there were a few that I needed to work on. I decided to write them down and recite them to remind myself about them.

When I say all things align in the universe, I mean that things in life seem to connect for a reason. At least I feel like that was the case on this day.

After church, I had a session with Dr. Janet (she’s a Positivity life coach doing a study on successful women). In the session she asked me about my character strengths, what I thought they were and how they affected the people around me.

I went blank; after all, one never really thinks about herself in that way. I replied by saying “I really don’t know. I guess I’d have to ask the people in my circle.” Then I asked her as someone who knew me “What do you think they are?”

“Well, Cher,” she said, “as I observe the things that you do and how excited you get when you talk about your work with girls and women, I am reminded of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi; Be the change that you wish to see in the world. I think that resonates with who you are.”

Immediately flattered, I said thank you and told her I would give it more thought and be able to better answer that question for myself at the next session.

After getting off the phone, I picked up the notes I had written from church and read them aloud: “Walking in the Holy Spirit involves moment-by-moment sensitivity. There are nine virtues … 1. Love – for those that do not love you in return; 2. Joy – in the midst of painful circumstances; 3. Peace – when something you were counting on doesn’t come through; 4. Patience – when things are not going fast enough for you; 5. Kindness – toward those who treat you unkindly; 6. Goodness – toward those who have been intentionally insensitive to you; 7. Faithfulness – when friends have proven unfaithful; 8. Gentleness – toward those that have handled you roughly; 9. Self Control – in the midst of intense temptation.”

I thought it rather interesting that the virtues that I needed to work on and the character observation that I had been complimented with all centered on growth and change. Even more interesting was the fact that I had gotten a double dose of practically the same message.

I think in the end all that I can do is try to be as good a me as possible and to strive toward living a purpose-filled life. Certainly Mahatma Gandhi would be ok with that … and if he wasn’t, perhaps he needs to revisit virtue No. 7.



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