Amen Corner

A Song for Augusta
David Sirull, the rabbi of Adas Yeshurur, wrote There's No Place Like Augusta.

WHAT: Last month, local rabbi David Sirull performed with the Three Kosher Singers in front of a large crowd at Imperial Theatre. The performance featured a newly penned composition, There’s No Place Like Augusta.

THE SONG: The song was well-received, with several suggesting it become a theme for the city of Augusta, said Sirull, the rabbi of Adas Yeshurun in Augusta. Sirull performed with two colleagues and friends, Rabbi Bertram Kieffer and Cantor Irvin Bell. The performance included traditional songs of worship, plus popular hits and Sirull’s original tune, Jewish Redneck.

QUOTE: “It was great to see people from so many different corners of our community come out to support our event,” Sirull said.

LISTEN: Hear There’s No Place Like Augusta at It’s available on iTunes and Amazon for 99 cents.



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