God didn't almost give us new life




It’s an interesting word, isn’t it? It basically means “nearly.” I almost got an “A” on the test. Almost got up the nerve to ask him or her out on a date. I almost got the job. I almost … fill in the blank.

We are an “almost” culture. There are a lot of “nearlys” in our everyday lives. And while some “almosts” aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things, others are.

I almost said, “I love you.” I almost admitted my mistake or almost asked for forgiveness. I almost gave up that addiction. I almost believed God had a purpose for my life.

Did you know that God didn’t create us to live almost lives?

Think of God’s own example of this. What if He would have almost loved us? Or almost decided to come into our world to show us the way to Him? Or almost given up His life on a cross and was almost raised from the dead so that we could experience new life?

God didn’t almost do these things; He did them! And in the Scriptures we’re called to follow in the footsteps of our God and live the same way.

So what is it that you have almost done, but haven’t?

Let God be your example and your strength; then do it. You’re almost there.




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