Easter People celebrate triumph of Resurrection

Easter is when we pick up the pieces of our lives and reclaim that sure, strong faith of our childhood, that God works through all circumstance, the bitter and the sweet, for our good and for his glory.


It's the time to plow under the hard-crusted shell of apathy, that devil-may-care attitude that deprives us from knowing the full joy of the Christian life.

Easter is the time to recall neglected promises made to our Lord long ago, a time to feed our impoverished souls after perhaps a season or many years of doubt and soul-searching crises of faith.

It is the time to assume again disciplines of the Christian life, such as prayer each day, Bible reading each day, regular attendance in a Sunday school class and worship service, personal witness and tithing.

A friend once wrote about our being Easter people. Let me share his thoughts with you.

We who call ourselves Christians are Easter People, people who have staked our lives on the Resurrection and have encountered the living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Easter People are living proof that God can take something old and turn it into something new.

Being Easter People means that you and I have hope: Hope that the good work that has begun in our lives will be brought to completion; hope that God's grace will sustain us until it is completed.

Easter People have no desire to form an exclusive club, but rather an inclusive group of all people who claim Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The Resurrection of Jesus was God's victory over the powerful influence of death.

In the face of death we grieve; yet in hope we celebrate life. No life ends so tragically that its meaning and value are destroyed. In Christ's Resurrection is the promise of ours.

So, attend your place of worship Sunday. Wave those palm branches and celebrate God's victory over the power of sin, suffering and death. Celebrate the fact that you and I are Easter People.




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