Amen Corner: Karen Faith McGowan

WHO: Augusta native, author


WHAT: Mrs. McGowan, a nurse at Doctors Hospital, contracted a lung disease three years ago from a patient. She was placed on life support as doctors warned her husband, Charles, that she was unlikely to survive. She is well now after having a portion of her lungs removed.

WRITING THE BOOK: Mrs. McGowan wrote a journal during the two years of her recovery. Passages were incorporated into her 2007 book, Faith to Finish . In 2008, she self-published a second book, The Privilege of Prayer .

HER VOICE: Although the disease damaged her tracheal tube, forever changing her voice to a raspy whisper, Mrs. McGowan can still sing. "When I go to church," she said, "I sing. It's more comfortable to sing than it is to speak. It comes from a different part of our lungs."

FAVORITE VERSE: Hebrews 12:1-2 is on the cover of Faith to Finish. It says in part, "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us."

QUOTE: "When my race is done, I'm going to be in a better place," she says.

FIND IT: Mrs. McGowan's books are available at Trinity Hospital and Whole Life Christian Bookstore.



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