BarlowGirl brings jam to tour

The Christian band BarlowGirl will be one of several bands and artists featured in the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular on Thursday.

Music has always been in the lives of sisters Rebecca, Lauren, and Alyssa Barlow, also known as the Christian rock band, BarlowGirl.


"We grew up in a musical family. Our dad played a guitar most of his life. He was the children's music pastor at our church in Chicago," said the oldest sister, Rebecca, 28. "Our dad also has 13 siblings, and they are all musical. We would all get together and sing and harmonize together. That's where we got our love for music."

However, it wasn't their goal to become a band, she said.

"We enjoyed singing together, but we didn't think that we wanted to make a career out of it. We all had other things we wanted to do," she said. "We had completely different plans other than what ended up happening."

Rebecca wanted to become a cosmetologist and an auto mechanic. Alyssa, 26, wanted to perform on Broadway. Lauren, 22, wanted to become a marine biologist. But, as they traveled around the country singing and playing instruments as backup for their father, it began to dawn on the sisters that God had other plans for their lives, Rebecca said.

"Traveling, we began writing our own songs and growing in our musical gifts. We then started playing our songs, and people would even hire us to play our songs," she said. "We woke up and were like, 'Wow, we are writing our own songs and performing,' and we realized that this is what God had for us."

The sisters have recorded three albums and are working on a fourth. BarlowGirl is one of several Christian bands and artists featured in the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular on Thursday at James Brown Arena, 605 Seventh St. The tour also features newSong, Skillet, Echoing Angels, pureNRG, Group 1 Crew, MercyMe, and Connersvine.

BarlowGirl will perform seven songs -- two songs from each album and one worship song.

What makes their music different is that each song is like a diary of the experiences they have had in life, Rebecca said.

"We can't write a song on something we haven't experienced or dealt with and gone through," she said. "With that, we wrote songs about struggling with image, not being able to feel God, not being able to speak out, our struggles with our faith."

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WHEN: Christian Tour featuring BarlowGirl, newSong, Skillet, Echoing Angels, pureNRG, Group 1 Crew, MercyMe and Connersvine

WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday; doors open at 6 p.m.

WHERE: James Brown Arena, 605 Seventh St.

COST: $10, pay at the door (No advance tickets will be sold)

INFORMATION: (706) 722-3521 or

TO HEAR BarlowGirl online or for more information on Winter Jam, log on to">style="bold"> .



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