Faith is source for wit, wisdom

Ken Davis

Christian comedian Ken Davis has made a career out of knowing what different age groups want.


"A high school student is more demanding. If you start to fail, they will let you know right away. Adults will just keep staring," said Mr. Davis, the author of How to Live with Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind.

A radio host and the president of Dynamic Communicators Workshops in Nashville, Tenn., he will share his lighthearted wisdom at 7 p.m. Thursday at Warren Baptist Church, 3203 Washington Road. The event is a benefit for Augusta Christian Schools in Martinez.

Many people try comedy or nightclubs before they try church, but he did the opposite, he said in a telephone interview from his Nashville-area home.

"I went from church every day to going to comedy clubs. I wanted to use this gift of laughter to help people with their faith in God," he said.

He built a reputation as a speaker who could hold an audience, whether it was a high school assembly, an adult conference or a church group.

"People kept asking, 'How do you do that?'" said Mr. Davis, who speaks about 150 times a year and tries out new material in comedy clubs. He researched what makes communication effective and turned the answer into a consulting business.

Instead of rocking in a home someplace at this point in his life, he leads workshops and conferences several times a year for people who want careers in public speaking or to ramp up their speaking skills, he said.

The problem for most speakers is lack of focus - they start speaking before they know where they are headed, Mr. Davis said.

Clips from his comedy concerts and inspirational messages are broadcast on Lighten Up, a two-minute spot heard weekdays on 1,600 Christian radio outlets and over the Internet at He also has a Web site,

Reach Virginia Norton at (706) 823-3336 or


WHERE: Warren Baptist Church, 3203 Washington Road

WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday

COST: $10 adults; $30 family maximum; reserved seats, $15; discounts; tickets available at area Christian bookstores, Augusta Christian and Warren Baptist Church

CONTACT: Call (706) 863-2905 or see or



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