Aiken Christian band My Brother's Keeper releases first EP

My Brother's Keeper



It has been only a year since My Brother’s Keeper formed, but the Christian hardcore band based in Aiken will release its first EP on Friday, Jan. 6.

The six-piece band has spent the past year playing shows with bands such as Sent By Ravens, Veara, Embracing Goodbye and Hawthorne Heights in cities across the Southeast. They’ve also performed locally at Sector 7G in Augusta and HIC Skatepark and Oasis Church in Aiken, said band member Ryan Buffett.

My Brother’s Keeper has also been recording its self-titled EP with five tracks that include Grace Was Found, Beans and Cornbread, The Warmth, When Push Comes to Shove and Written in Blood. Starting Friday, fans can purchase the EP at and soon on iTunes. To promote the CD, the band will have a release tour this weekend.

The band members, all from Aiken, include Eric Buffett, Josh Randall, Mark Garvin, Mark McFall, Ryan Buffett and Scott Popham.

The journey started when Ryan’s brother, Eric Buffett, wrote a few songs and wanted to record them at Ryan’s home. They needed someone for vocals and met Mark Garvin, who introduced them to other future members. The six musicians gathered for a jam session, and My Brother’s Keeper has been playing music ever since.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Ryan said. “Over the last year, we’ve all grown together as far as hanging out and becoming great friends.”

When working on their EP, they initially thought that writing songs would be challenging, but the process “was probably the easiest part of all of it,” Buffett said. My Brother’s Keeper wrote all of their own songs for the CD. They recorded the EP at JP Studios in Inman, S.C.

“The hardest part has probably been raising enough money to be able to do the recordings,” Buffett said. “Also getting the actual physical CD produced. ‘‘It’s been a lot of work, and there’s been a lot of things that we’ve had to go through with the recording, the tracks, the artwork and everything.”

They’ve received help from friends, such as a graphic artist who completed artwork for the album. John Petty, who runs JP Studios, has also been instrumental in getting the EP released, he said.

Buffett describes My Brother’s Keeper’s music as “singing and screaming together,” along with the music of the guitar, drums and keyboard.

“We always try to go for something different. We always try to go for something unexpected in a song. We always try to make it go somewhere that somebody might not necessarily think it would go. We try to make sure that our lyrics definitely portray the message that we want to get out, and that’s the love of Christ and the love of God and how he can change your life and give you something so much brighter and so much more worth waiting for,” he said.

This year, My Brother’s Keeper plans to play shows in Aiken, Augusta, Columbia and in South Carolina cities such as Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Greenville.

Buffett said the band also aims to grow the music scene in Aiken by inviting bands from outside the area to play in the city.


WHO: My Brother’s Keeper


• 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 6, New Brooklyn Tavern, West Columbia, S.C.;
$5 and $8 for guests under 21

• 6 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 7, HIC Skateboard Park, 1120 Edgefield Hwy., Aiken; $1 admission




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