Construction roundup



• Grizzly Construction Inc.; Augusta National, 2604 Washington Road, Augusta; commercial building, $400,000

• Mid State Builders; Commercial Metals, 1890 Savannah Road, Augusta; addition, $60,000

• Thomas H. Rennison Construction; 4090 Washington Road, Evans; addition, $170,000

• H.G. Reynolds Co.; 619 NW Barnwell Ave., Aiken; renovations, $105,000

• Jose Montelongo; Knights Inn, 1850 W. Richland Ave., Aiken; renovations, $25,000



• Defendant, Hudson Builders and Construction/Compass Academy; plaintiff, Macuch Steel Products; June 18, $11,502

• Defendant, Brooks Real Estate Holdings LLC; plaintiff, Macuch Steel Products; June 12, $11,502

• Defendant, Suresh K. Soorma & Punam; plaintiff, WM Construction; June 10, $76,806

• Defendant, Josepg Carswell/Joseph Smith; plaintiff, Henry Henderson; May 30, $1,800



• Defendant, Jean Dove; plaintiff, Kirklands Flooring; June 3 for lien filed April 19




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