Construction roundup



- S.D. Clifton Construction; Popeye's; 954 York St. N.E.; $538,600

Allen-Batchelor Construction; Center for Primary Care; 1707 Magnolia Way; $100,000

- Allen-Batchelor Construction; Dr. Pairach Pintavorn; 418 Town Park Blvd; commercial building; $650,000

- David Horn Construction; 4711 Wrightsboro Road; addition; $42,000

- MRC Construction Co.; 201 S. Old Belair Road; addition; $66,435

- GA-Lina Construction; Jubilee Fellowship Church; 2034 Boykin Road; church; value unavailable

- R.B. Wright Construction; Rack & Grill II; 3801 Mike Padgett Highway; value unavailable

Source: Construction Week


l Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah to James J. Bernstein and Milton Reuben, Jan. 22, Tracts A and B, on the west side of Pleasant Home Road, 117 Pleasant Home Road; and 113, Lot 4, Rufus Lanier, $2.5 million

- C. Kim Property LLC, Chan K. Kim and Yon O. Kim to NYA Inc., Jan. 28, 0.432 of an acre, Plat Book R184 Page 1101; Lot 2, on the east side of C&S Drive, Easement; and 0.71 of an acre, $1.06 million

- Mem Real Estate LLC to ADP Augusta, Jan. 30, 17.1237 acres, on the southeast side of Interstate 20; and 17.0594 acres, on the east side of Flowing Wells Road, $3.647 million

Source: Richmond County


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