Behind the business - Party Fabulous

Jessica Stephens


WHAT IT IS: Develops, manages and coordinates parties and events


OWNER: Jessica Stephens




HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS BUSINESS?: In college, I worked on campus events and just knew that I found my calling. I have worked as an event coordinator for companies and I absolutely loved it; however, I wanted the flexibility to be able to create any type of event. Therefore, I began my own party planning boutique, Party Fabulous.

STRANGEST CLIENT/INCIDENT: I haven't really had a strange client or incident, yet. That's the thing about Party Fabulous - any event is possible; therefore, almost nothing seems strange.

WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT THE BUSINESS : Being able to meet and work with different types of people, all while creating some of the most memorable occasions for my clients.

WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT THE BUSINESS : I enjoy everything about party planning. Every job has its ups and downs, but since I'm doing what I love, the downs do not really bother me.

WHY YOUR BUSINESS STANDS OUT: I am very creative and innovative. I think completely outside the box and over the top and strive to exceed the expectations of my clients. Plus, I'm diverse and plan events anywhere from sweet sixteens and weddings to business/product launches to community events and much more.

ORGANIZATIONS/EVENTS INVOLVED IN: I am in the process of joining several business organizations.

AWARDS: None yet; however, I predict many in the future.

YOUR BEST BUSINESS ADVICE: Never give up. Keep your goals in your heart and no matter what others may think, just keep your eyes on the prize. Also, always, always work hard and in a positive manner.

WHERE YOU SEE YOUR BUSINESS IN 5 YEARS/10 YEARS: In five years, I hope to see Party Fabulous being the most sought-after party and event planning company.

MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS PRINCIPLE: Work hard, stay positive, maintain professionalism, and always treat your clients with respect.

BIGGEST CHALLENGES IN THE BUSINESS: The biggest challenge for me is turning people away when I'm overbooked. The challenge is still defeating me because I'd rather get by on two to three hours of sleep rather than to turn away a client.

ROLE MODELS/INSPIRATIONS: Definitely my mom, grandmother and my aunt are my role models. I have learned so much from these empowering women by witnessing their hard work and persistence in business as well as life. My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She keeps me going.

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