Students dress up for spirit

Khadija Sandifer,16, Grovetown High School junior, on Pajama Day of homecoming week, Oct. 12.

Homecoming week gets students pumped up by assigning different themes they can dress up as on certain days. Tacky day, superhero day and college day are a few themes that have been used time after time at local schools.


Some schools had unique days: Westside High School had Hobo Day and Aquinas High School, a private school, had Mass during homecoming week.

There are some themes though that could be everyday of the week and the student population would never get tired of it like Nerd Day, Blast from the Past and, of course, Celebrity Day. Some students dress up to the extreme in big hats and poofy dresses but other students dress up so simply that it doesn't seem like they are dressed for the theme.

Students in the Augusta area shared different points about homecoming themed days.

“My favorite theme is pajama because even though it’s a small theme it varies and everyone’s personality really shows through,” said Danni Williams, a senior at Grovetown High School.

Grovetown High School’s homecoming was Oct. 11-15 and included Pajama Day, Blast from the past, Superhero and Villain day, and spirit day. When asked if she could swap a theme at her school, Khadija Sandifer, a junior at Grovetown High School picked Twin Day because she said it is interesting to see who dresses up alike.

Other students like Betsy Hall, 17, a junior at the Academy of Richmond County, didn’t care about the best and worst themes because either way homecoming gave them something to look forward to for the first part of the school year.

Even though the outfits look amazing when you get to school, according to Emily Gravely,14, a freshman at Evans High School. Evans High School homecoming is this week. Emily takes homecoming so seriously that she said as soon as she heard about the themes she was running around looking for pieces to match up, she said.

“It takes a lot of time putting outfits together, even for tacky day," she said.

Teen Board Member Amie Mbye is a freshman at Evans High School



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