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‘ The Social Network’


Released: Oct. 1

Rated: PG-13

My thoughts: This movie’s plot line delves much deeper than just the creation of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, the protagonist, is a socially inept computer genius, studying at Harvard, who first creates “Facemash,” a site for comparing women. After this site crashes the Harvard network, Zuckerberg gains the attention of his peers and moves on to bigger things, leading to big problems.

Riddled with witty banter, The Social Network outlines an intricate conflict with the underlying thread of what happens to friendships when money and business get in the way. Designed as a flashback, Zuckerberg engages in a trial with the parties that he selfishly wronged: the Winklevoss twins, two hulking crew champions, who accuse Mark of stealing their idea for “Harvard Connection,” and his former best friend and co-founder of “the Facebook,” Eduardo Saverin.

Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker, a suave businessman and founder of Napster, who is intrigued with Facebook and wants to make a profit. Mark is drooling at his feet when Sean mentions the possibility of making Facebook global. Unfortunately for his partners like Saverin, Parker does not see them in the future of Facebook.

Overall, the plot and subplots are engaging. My only criticism would be the timing of the movie. Because Facebook has been out for so long, the release is a bit dated. Then again, many more people are familiar with Facebook now than would have been had the movie been released years earlier. I highly recommend this movie. Think about your own relationships and motives while watching. You will not be disappointed!

Grade: A

--Aubrey Burnside, Teen Board Member


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