Evans section shows spirit

The Evans High School spirit section cheers on the football team at the Sept. 24 game against North Augusta High School.

Evans High students take football Friday nights to an entirely new level.


Evans High School student section is like no other in the Augusta area. With well over 250 students showing up to cheers on our football team every game, we just cannot be rivaled in spirit.

“The Evans student section is the best. Seeing all that black and gold and so much school spirit really gets me pumped for the game,” says Kaitlin Moore, a varsity cheerleader and senior at Evans.

Since the class of 2008, a select group of three or four students leads our student section. The student leaders coordinate spirit themes for the games, and rally the students to show up and cheer loud.

When asked what impact does a spirited student section have on the teams they cheer for, Graham Crawford, a senior at Evans and this year’s student leader, said “I believe it would have to be the intimidation factor. Our student section provides that intensity and excitement that scares the other team. When we hear how loud the other team is our goal is to stand up and be three times as loud.”

One of the best parts about the Evans High student sections is that everyone cheers for everyone. The student section for multiple sports is crowded at Evans High. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer and softball are sports that all regularly have a student section. We cheer our teams on to show the amount of school pride we have. This carries from season to season, with each class trying to outdo the others, and might I add, the seniors always win.

Needless to say, as the football players run onto the field to play our opponents, our student section will always being chanting those spirited words of “hail to the black and gold!”

Teen Board Member Matthew Daniel is a senior at Evans High School



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