Teen Profile: Forrest Olliff

Forrest Olliff

Forrest Olliff


Stats: 17, Evans High School senior

Bragging Rights: Having played football for a total of 10 years, one could say that Forrest’s passion is the sport he has played so much. His current and favorite position is linebacker. Forrest is a linebacker for the Evans varsity team and an active member of the EHS senior student council.

Hidden Talent: Turning red at the drop of a hat.

In his spare time: He enjoys listening to country, relaxing in the outdoors, hanging out with friends.

Favorite movie: Water Boy

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Vacation Spot: Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Favorite Athlete: Matt Ryan

Person you would like to be the most: Bill Gates

--Matthew Daniel, Teen Board Member



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