School lunch times best with balance

The National School Lunch Program is at 101,000 schools per year, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service.


Many students are eating school lunch, but only some make it through the lunch line and still get the chance to eat their food. Schools that balance the number of students and the time allotted seem to have the most success, according to the experiences of local students.

 Steven Cauthron, 15, a sophomore at Hephzibah High School, said the one lunch at his school often means long lines and little time to eat.

“Most of the time it takes the students forever to get their lunch,” he said. “By the time everyone gets through the lunch line they will have 10 minutes at the most to eat their lunch. Most of the time the students usually only have about five minutes to eat their lunch because there are so many students getting a lunch.”

Lunch at Hephzibah High is 30 minutes long.

John Scherer, 17, a Harlem High School senior said their two lunch times are 30 minutes long each.

“At Harlem we have two lunches, and since we lost so many people, everybody has time to eat. Harlem lets the seniors get out of class for lunch about 5 minutes before everyone else and this works really well with the flow of the lunch lines.”

Lunch at Aquinas High School, a private school, is 45 minutes, said Joe Byrd, 17. Joe is a senior from Aquinas High School.

“By the time everyone gets through the lunch line and eat they have plenty of extra time to talk or finish anything they might need to finish.”

Teen Board Member Tabatha Bowles is a sophomore at Westside High School



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