Jeggings trend goes from New York to Augusta

Jeggings can be seen in stores in New York City, such as this Forever 21 store, and in Augusta.

The most significant new fashion trend in the stores and on the streets of Manhattan has arrived in Augusta.


Thanks to a synthetic fabric called Nylon PV1, the fashion industry has blurred the boundary between skinny jeans and leggings. Styled to look like tight denim jeans, “jeggings” are made of a fabric that is softer with more stretch.

We girls can now show off our leg shape without having to endure the stiff discomfort of the denim skinny jean. The fabric in jeggings is so soft and pliable that multiple pairs of jeggings can be layered, one on top of the other, such as those on mannequin displays from Juicy Couture on 5th Avenue to our very own Forever 21 at the Augusta Mall.

Although jeggings were initially introduced for joggers in early 2009, the look proved to be very versatile. jeggings can be worn under a dress or long shirt just as easily as they can be worn with a cropped jacket. However, depending on the thickness of the fabric, it may be difficult to wear jeggings in place of regular jeans.

If you are planning to tuck in a shirt, be careful that the lines of the garment are not visible. Also be aware that jeggings do not offer the support of your behind that a conventional pair of tight denims would.

Designers may include details such as buttons, faux zippers or pockets, natural creases such as those which form in jeans; contrast stitching and frayed areas to simulate wear. For those with very thin legs, jeggings with “ruching” (a sewing technique where fabric is gathered to form ruffles) is an option.

A wonderful selection of jeggings can be found at our Augusta Mall. The “Express Jeans Legging” runs around $69.90 and come with a variety of features to fit like a second skin. The GAP’s “Jean Legging” is somewhat thicker and runs $69.50. Abercrombie and Fitch carry jeggings in blues and grays with zippers. The “55 Denim Legging” at Pac Sun runs $39.50 and comes in blacks and grays. The fashionable “military fatigue” look is found in a jegging at American Eagle Outfitters for $49.50.

After purchasing my first pair of black jeggings with a “Python Print” running down the sides, I have to say I am a convert. jeggings are infinitely more comfortable than the older skinny jeans and much easier to remove (without having to resort to the assistance of friends). They also stretch with the wearer’s every movement while allowing one to make a fashion statement.

Teen Board Member Samantha Dhaliwal is a freshman at Augusta Preparatory Day School


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