QuickHit: 'The Blind Side' on DVD

Sandra Bullock (right) won an Academy Award for her performance in "The Blind Side."

'The Blind Side'


DVD Release Date: March 23

MPAA Rating: PG-13

The Review: Sandra Bullock’s Academy Award-winning performance came to DVD last week with shiny new stickers announcing the long-overlooked actress’ Oscar triumph. The Blind Side tells the rags to riches story of NFL player Michael Oher (played by Quinton Aaron).

The film will please any SEC fan as it includes some of the region’s most beloved college football teams, and the storyline serves to be emotionally stirring and enjoyable.

Bullock’s performance aside, The Blind Side relies on a cliché script and overused plot devices. The film used elements featured in any given inspirational sports movie in order to make sure Bible Belt patrons came out in droves, which they did.

The Blind Side isn’t Oscar fare, but it serves as an excellent movie for a family to enjoy together in the living room.

Overall Rating: B-

--Michael J. Ryan, Xtreme Teen Board



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