Georgia Performance Standards often an odd time for students

It can be a scary experience to know that the inner workings of a local high school are being watched by unfamiliar eyes.


Greenbrier High School students were exposed to the Georgia Performance Standards team arriving at their school last week to see how well the school does in teaching standards.

Some students at the school did not completely understand why items such as standards and the school mission statement were posted on the wall. Senior Ivey Mischel had a strong idea of what the GPS evaluation was and how important it was for the school.

"It is a statewide school observation team that evaluated the standards of high schools."

Many students, such as Caitlyn Benedetto, said that this experience was much more of a show for the visitors rather than a correct depiction of the average day at Greenbrier.

"The school definitely acted different for the two days. It was like we were role playing or something. We were also told to memorize things."

Junior Aaryon Steinburg said classes were different.

"I feel that most of the teachers, if not all, changes the way they taught their classes for a few days."

The visit was not a show but instead a way of better vocalizing and displaying what students are learning, Ivey Mischel said, and the preliminary results showed the school was overwhelmingly well prepared.

Teen Board Member Krystal White is a senior at Greenbrier High School



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