Pushed holidays lessen spirit

It seems that with each passing year, the approaching holiday seasons are pushed upon us more and more. In August we begin seeing Halloween decorations and in October, Christmas.


This year, I feel as if the holidays have already arrived, and I am ready for them to just pass. Hearing Christmas music on the radio in early November is too much for me. This constant reminder makes me wonder: who should be enjoying the holidays -- me or the commercial world?

Department stores have slowly pushed the idea of gifts and holiday purchases as early as July. Let us remember the K-mart and Sears commercials informing us that we can put the items on layaway. With these constant reminders that we must purchase presents for numerous holidays, what are we saying? That our love for another must bought with gifts, cards and candies? Or is this the stores way of telling us we must purchase our love?

It seems that all holidays have become victims of this marketing strategy. Take Easter as an example. It is a Christian holiday celebrating Jesus, so where do the chocolate rabbits and marshmallow chicks come into play? Why must we dye eggs in order to show our Easter spirit? I thought that each holiday represented something, but the commercial markets have twisted the original meaning in order to promote more sales.

I love the holiday time, Christmas music and the lights, and everything that comes with it. But this continuous push on the calendar makes me wince. Will we soon be having Black Friday in July? Seeing Santa's village and Christmas trees in the mall in October? These accustomed joys are usually seen after Thanksgiving, not before Halloween. This year the Augusta Mall took it upon itself to promote the Christmas season almost one whole month before many do.

So, hearing these song and lights in early November have made me wonder are we losing what the holidays are worth? If so, I feel we all should take a step back and look for the truth in this holiday and attempt to regain and remember what we are celebrating.

Teen Board Member Krystal White is a senior at Greenbrier High School



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