Lakeside teen enjoys nature photography

Lakeside High School student Bailey Doss is on her way to shooting photos professionally.


Although the outgoing freshman has only been taking photos for a year, her motivation points to many poetically framed shots to come.

"I like things that are abstract and unique," she says, citing nature as a prime example.

Her favorite things to photograph are sunsets, trees and the beach. Her work, she says, brings happiness to others.

"When I see some people's reactions to what I do, it brings happiness to not only them, but me, because they enjoy something that I created for their eyes to see."

However, once Bailey's photos are shot and uploaded, they're far from being finished.

"I rarely upload a photo before editing," she clarifies, "contrast, especially."

Colors pop through her photos of beach landscapes and Tybee Island, due in part to her editing habits.

When asked why she loves taking snapshots of the world around her, she smiled: "it makes me feel warm inside."

Want to follow her on Flickr? Find her Flickr stream here:

Lauren Noto is a sophomore at Lakeside High School



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