Teens make videos for laughs

Anyone can pick up a video camera and film. But, it takes time, effort and skill to gather your friends and make a movie.


Preston Key, a junior at Greenbrier High School, spends time with his friends make movies that guarantee a laugh. Whether it be imitating the TV character Fresh Prince of Belair or reenacting the Chronicles of Narnia for an assignment, Preston's imagination and sense of humor turn the videos into an enjoyable experience.

"It's a fun time hanging with friends while shooting the video and watching the final product with them," he said.

When creating these masterpieces Preston and his friends do not fall short with props: they've used wigs, spare doors and chandeliers and even armor.

"I Like seeing the reactions of people when the watch my videos and see which part entertains them the most," Preston says.

Preston makes sure the sound effects are properly dubbed onto videos and that the music fits into what's needed to keep an audience laughing.

Preston says the school assignment is his favorite of all time. For the assignment, Preston and his friends recreated the Narnia movie into a funny much shorter and brief movie.

His videos can also be viewed on his YouTube channel at youtube.com/smartguy314

Teen Board Member Krystal White is a senior at Greenbrier High School



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