Local Harry Potter fans bring imaginary game to life

Local Harry Potter fans will be excited to know that the wizarding sport of Quidditch does not just exist within the pages of J.K. Rowling's franchise.


An adaptation of the imaginary game of broomsticks and bewitched balls has made its way to Augusta via two Greenbrier High School seniors.

One of the athletic entrepreneurs, Erin Dobbins, 17, said that the motivation to start a real life version of the game came out of a desire to do "something different, crazy, and fun."

Her co-founder, Katherine Garcia, 17, had seen a YouTube video on how the game had made its way to colleges around the United Kingdom and the United States.

"I saw that it was something fun and easy. I felt like I would want to do this later in college, so why not start practicing now?" Katherine said.

The Muggle (non-magical) form of Quidditch still requires players to run around with a broom between their legs.

"I like using the broomsticks mainly because they level the playing field for those of us who can't run really fast," Erin said.

The main objective is to throw your team's Quaffle (scoring ball) into one of three hoops.

"There are some big modifications that we had to make. Like, the snitch is played by a fast runner dressed in yellow who has a golf ball in a sock tied to his or her belt. The seekers chase them and try to snatch the snitch away," Erin explained.

There are many different versions that recreation departments and intramural college teams have adopted.

The two girls had to sit down and discuss about what rules and formalities they wanted their local team to follow.

"There were a lot more rules and what-if scenarios to figure out before we could even start," Erin said.

For now, the two students hope the sport will just act as a recreational pastime. For the future, they are hoping that maybe some high school rivalry could elevate the game's excitement.

"As we are just getting started, we just want teens to show up ready to have some good nerdy fun," Katherine said.

Due to the falling temperatures however, practices and games will start back up again in the spring. For the uncoordinated bookworms, Erin insists "There is very little athletic skill necessary. The only requirement is a healthy knowledge of everything Harry Potter."

Michael Ryan is a senior at Greenbrier High School



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