Teen's abstract art has concrete recognition

According to Stephanie Forbes, 18, one word describes her art and herself -- abstract.


"I've been creating things ever since I can remember, but I only seriously started painting last year," the Greenbrier High School senior said.

Since that time, Stephanie has gained considerable recognition for her talent.

"I was invited to hang my art down at Sky City on Broad Street as part of the Westobou Festival," she said.

Presently, Stephanie's art can now be viewed at the Mellow Mushroom in Evans. In addition to painting canvases, she has recently been experimenting with painting guitars.

"I got asked to paint a friend's guitar. I was shocked he trusted me to put my complete artistic spin on his expensive instrument, but now painting guitars is one of my favorite projects to work on," she said.

The guitar painting process is not as easy as it sounds.

"I have to sand the guitar six different times, paint it, and gloss it all over. It usually takes two or three weeks," she said.

Stephanie takes her inspiration from her parents and local artist Billy S. She is also fond of playing Joss Stone's CD when she goes to pick up a paintbrush.

"The music affects my art," she said.

When asked what her art affects, Stephanie quipped, "Mellow Mushroom's walls."

Michael Ryan is a senior at Greenbrier High School.



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