Teen Spotlight: Macey Samples

STATS: 16, rising senior at Greenbrier High School


WHAT: Miss Savannah River's Outstanding Teen. Macey will represent the area in the Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant.

HER STORY: There's more to the title Miss Savannah River's Outstanding Teen than evening gowns and sparkly crowns, according to Macey.

"Just like in the Miss America pageant, contestants must choose a platform and work to promote their cause," she said.

Macey's platform is domestic abuse.

"It's an issue that really does not get the attention it deserves, and using the pageant to bring more attention to it, I think, validates the importance of pageants," she said.

Macey also will strive to live up to the principles represented by the four points of the crown.

"Each point on my crown represents a different value: scholarship, success, style and service," she said.

Pageants are a good way to prepare for life, according to Macey.

"Participating in this and every other pageant has helped me to develop myself as a role model, not only for the competition but for life."



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