Cell-phone gadgetry doesn 't come cheap

BlackBerries and iPhones seem to be the cell phones of choice for many teens. These phones have Internet access, along with a variety of applications to access almost any information.


Resources available on the iPhone include applications for workouts, money management, entertainment and travel. The iPhone is also a music player and the capability to download hundreds of songs.

The BlackBerry, commonly referred to as a smart phone, lives up to its name. It comes in a variety of styles from thin to thick, and there's even a new flip phone.

The BlackBerry lets you access the Internet, take pictures and videos, and instant message, and includes a media player, GPS capabilities and many other features.

The more elaborate these phones become, the more that teens seem to be drawn to them. Are these extra applications necessities for teens, though? Are they worth the additional expense?

From my experience with a BlackBerry, the applications get in the way of using the phone. They seem to only take up room and make the phone all the more confusing.

I enjoyed figuring out the applications on my BlackBerry Pearl at first, but after about a month I found that most of the applications were useless to me.

Now, I am not saying these phones are useless for all teenagers. If you are interested in technology and have a real use for the Internet and the other applications, then they are great phones. I just think that if these phones are bought on impulse, they can be a real waste of money.

If you are looking for a new phone with cool features, most phone providers sell phones without Internet access and fewer features but with touch screen or a full keyboard for a lot less money.

Do your research and put some thought into your purchase.




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