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ARTIST: Britney Spears


MY THOUGHTS: Britney Spears' sixth studio album is by all means a success.

By working with more producers than usual, Ms. Spears made sure that this album would have more variety.

Womanizer, Circus and Kill the Lights are the only songs that sound like her typical pop. The other eight songs (excluding the eight bonus tracks) suggest a range from alternative to hip-hop.

Circus also serves a somewhat autobiographical purpose: She tells listeners that her life is one big, crazy performance, a circus.


-- Shamari Sylvan

'Day and Age'

ARTIST: The Killers


MY THOUGHTS: With their third studio album, The Killers get better with age. This CD showcases different dynamics and styles.

Some songs have a distinctly '80s synthesizer feel, such as Neon Tiger, while songs such as Losing Touch are reminiscent of highly-styled swing bands.

Lyrics have an edgy feel, and there's a fair amount of harmonizing thrown in for good measure. There's something for everyone in this Day and Age.


-- Lauren Noto

Peppermint Mocha Twist

RELEASED: Nov. 27 at Starbucks

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: This drink will remind you of past holidays.

The rich taste of the peppermint will put you in mind of some picturesque cabin in the woods you see on Christmas cards and commercials during the holidays. It has just the right amount of peppermint, and a chocolatey taste to balance it out.

The whipped creme is peppermint flavored too, which gives this great drink an extra pop of flavor.


-- Jena Berkhimer



QuickHit: "Thor"


Release Date: May 6

Rated: PG-13

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