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Whether it's Thanksgiving break and you're out of school, or you're hanging out with friends on the weekend, how many times have you said "there's nothing to do?" Xtreme Teen Board members found some cheap and accessible activities to do with friends. Read this, and you'll never say there's nothing to do around here again.


WHERE: The Augusta Canal, head gates, or Savannah Rapids Park, at terminus of Evans-to-Lock Road, and Lake Olmstead Pedestrian Bridge, at the end of Milledge Road, are just two entrances.

WHAT: If you are feeling adventurous you can hike the trails. For a good workout, you can walk or bike the seven-mile canal trail. You can also kayak or canoe on the canal. If you want to learn about Augusta's history, take a guided boat tour.

COST: Free for walking or biking. The guided boat tours cost $12 for a one hour tour.

Reservations can be made by calling (706) 823-0440.

- Jackie Rodriguez


WHERE: Grovetown Trails at Euchee Creek, between IGA and Grovetown Middle School in Grovetown

COST: Free

HOURS: Anytime, but don't stay out too late!

WHAT: With tons of paths to walk on, picnic areas and a gorgeous rock quarry, Grovetown's walking trails are a blissful surprise for nature lovers. During the summer, juicy blackberries grow there.

The trails in autumn are beautiful with vibrant leaves the color of red and bright yellow. Not only is the place perfect for nature lovers, but it is also a wonderful place to exercise, with various trails that are several miles long.

During summer and spring, you can feed ducks at the rock quarry, and during any time of the year, you can feed fish or go fishing.

If you cut a path by the bridge, you can find a little creek where you may see some turtles or even mussels. And for those who love photography, the trails are a perfect subject.

- Amber Forbes


WHERE: Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant, 4018 Washington Road, Augusta

COST: It's free (as long as you pay for dinner)

WHY IT'S COOL: Even if you don't want to sing, it can be even more fun to watch.

- Michael Ryan


WHERE: The Pizza Joint, 4301 Washington Road, Evans, and 1245 Broad St., Augusta

COST: $5 includes tip, drink and a large slice of pizza (other items, such as calzones or salads can cost up to about $5 not including a drink and a tip).

HOURS: 11 a.m. to midnight daily

WHAT: The Pizza Joint is a great place for teens to hang out. Whether you want to sit outside on the patio, or hang out inside, there is always a great atmosphere. Also, if money is tight, the Pizza Joint is affordable.

- Jackie Rodriguez


WHERE: Evans 14 Stadium Cinemas, 4365 Towne Center Drive

PRICE PER TICKET: A matinee is $6.50, anything after 6 p.m. is $9.

WHY IT'S COOL: The movie theatre is a classic. Whether you're 14 and going with a big group of friends or 17 and going on a date, the movie theater is always an appropriate choice. It's almost undeniable that you'll meet a new friend or see someone you already know because teenagers flock to this spot every night.

There are plenty of surrounding places to grab a delicious bite to eat as well, including Applebees (a favorite), Taco Bell and Fatz Café.

- Hannah Foerster



WHERE: Sector 7G, 631 Ellis St.

COST: Varies

WHAT: Sector 7G is an all-ages venue that's a safe place for teens to hang out at and hear great music.

If you want to check out some of the local bands or even hear national acts, such as The Secret Handshake, this is the place. Most concerts begin at either 7 or 8 p.m. and end at 11:30 p.m. on weekends and 10:30 p.m. on weekdays. See

-- Jackie Rodriguez


WHERE: Family Y, parks and recreation departments, local gyms.

COST: The Family Y has ten different locations in Augusta, Evans and Aiken. Teen memberships at the Family Y range from $20 to $32 a month.

WHAT: For example, The Family Y offers Bellydancing and Zumba classes as well as many sports for teens. Also, if you don't feel like committing to a class, simply sign up to come and workout at the Y. Some branches of the Y have year round pools as well as outdoor summer pools. Have fun with your friends while getting in shape. For more information, call the YMCA at (706) 922-9622.

-- Jackie Rodriguez


WHERE: Riverview Park, 100 Riverview Park Drive, North Augusta

PRICE: Free for outdoor facilities

WHY IT'S COOL: By going to Riverview Park, you have cheap and easy access to fitness. You can play tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, disc golf or run or bike on the Greeneway. Not only is it good for your body, but you'll have a great time with your friends .

-- Michele Falin


WHAT: Cheese dip and salsa, $3.25

WHERE: Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant, 436 E. Martintown Road, North Augusta

WHY: With complimentary chips and salsa, it's hard to pass up Monterrey's cheese dip. For $3.25, you get a delicious snack while hanging out with your friends. Getting to save money and getting a good snack is a great deal. However, if you want more than cheese dip, Monterrey's offers delicious Mexican food for a reasonable price.

-- Michele Falin


WHERE: Monetta Drive-in Theatre, 5822 Columbia Highway North, Monetta

COST: $6

HOURS: Movies start at dusk. Open Friday-Sundays, March through November. Call (803) 645-7949 for automated movie line for times.

WHY IT'S COOL: The Big Mo is one of two drive-in movie theaters left in South Carolina. You get to watch a movie outside and you can have a lot of fun watching new releases.

-- Michele Falin


WHERE: Augusta Mall, 3450 Wrightsboro Road, Augusta

COST: Depends on what (or if) you buy something

HOURS: Sunday 12:30 p.m. - 6 p.m., Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

WHY IT'S COOL: With the food court, a gaming place for your inner child and plenty of clothing stores for every style, anyone can find entertainment here.

Besides, walking around the mall is good exercise after you eat a pretzel or when you've already downed your frappuccino. And, with the recent updates and additions, it would be almost a shame to have all the hard work go to waste.

If your parents are the ones carting you around, let them know that they can go as well, the mall is so big you'll probably never see each other (because we all know it's so uncool to be seen with your parents), or they can even drop you off for hours and go somewhere else to have a good time.

Hanging around the mall for hours has often been poked fun at in plenty of movies, but at least we know it's fun.

-- Hannah Foerster


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