Xtreme Profile: Mallorie Jones

When 17-year-old Mallorie Jones sings, it's usually in front of an audience and occasionally with her favorite singing partner -- her mother.


"She pretty much taught me a lot of what I know," Mallorie said.

Despite Mallorie's experience, the Harlem High School senior still gets nervous before performing, but as soon as the music starts, her fears recede and she slips into ecstasy.

"Singing was something that I have done for as far back as I can remember, and it allows me to express myself," she said

She can't go a day without making or listening to music. Mallorie admires Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but she is influenced by a wider variety of singers, including Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson.

"I like to take characteristics of different singers and combine them with my own to create a unique sound," she said.

Mallorie draws inspiration from the joy she gets when she sings.

Mallorie said that the best thing about singing is being able to reach people through music.

"The worst thing about singing would have to be that it causes other people to draw conclusions about me, such as I like attention," she said.

Mallorie also loves to write, although she said she is not very good at it.

"I do think I am improving, though."

Amber Forbes is a senior at Harlem High School



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