Teen drivers endure strain of high prices at the pump

Hurricane Ike has taken a toll not only on residents in Galveston, Texas, but also on the price of gas, which is putting a major burden on teen drivers.


Between Sept. 12 and Sept. 15, gas prices rose almost $1 in the Augusta area.

Harlem High School senior Stephanie Lockridge, 17, says there is no reason for gas to be $5 a gallon.

"It's greed from the oil companies," she said.

She has an old truck, so it costs her a lot of money, and she can barely afford to drive to school, she said.

Wayne Garner, a U.S. World Affairs and U.S. Government teacher at Harlem High, said that gasoline prices are so high because of the supply issue.

"The refineries are up and running, but it takes time," he said.

Michelle Davignon, 17, a senior at Harlem High School, said that it used to take only $40 to fill up her tank, but now it takes around $60.

For teenagers who are in a bind for gas money, Stephanie offered this advice: "If you live near school, walk. Or when you start driving, ease your foot on the gas, and don't gun it."

For now, many teenage drivers might have to resort to carpooling or buses or request more work hours to compensate for the high gas prices. The prices are steadily going down -- but not fast enough.

Amber Forbes is a senior at Harlem High School.



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