High school isn't all that scary

Summer vacation is at an end, and it's time for textbooks and grades instead of tans and staying up late.


For freshmen, entering high school can be frightening. Being immersed in a new and bigger school with peers that drive themselves can be nerv e-racking , but there's hope.

Keep in mind that the first week is always an overwhelming event for everyone at the school, and we're all uncertain about something. S ituations such as forgetting where a class is or not remembering how to open a tricky locker happens to everyone.

Thinking your teachers are overly strict is another unfounded concern. Y ou'll come to find that they lighten up as the days carry on. And no matter how much you disagree, no one is as scary or as big as they seem on the first day of school. Just give yourself time to realize that not everyone with a beard is intimidating.

Nervous about that first walk into lunch? Everyone understands. With the other hundreds of kids in the cafeteria at that time, you're guaranteed to find someone you know.

The adage "these are the best days of your life" is true. Roll your eyes now, because when you become a senior in four years, your eyes will instead be filled with tears when you realize how fast all of the fun times have passed by and how much you took them for granted.

To all the freshme n: welcome to the beginning of an amazing chapter in your life.

You might not believe it, but it flies by faster than you expect. And pretty soon you'll be feeling as anxious as I am now, awaiting the last of my days in high school forever.

Hannah Foerster is a senior at Lakeside High School.



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