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The 2008-2009 Xtreme Teen Board members are the avatars, reporters and representatives of area teens.


The 20 high school students chosen represent urban, suburban and rural homes; private, public, magnet and home school students; different races; and varying political and social perspectives.

These teens are charged with finding the truth about teen life and reporting it, through articles, columns and photos.

They'll highlight other outstanding teens and ask important questions. This year, the Xtreme board includes photographers, to get the perspective through teen eyes. We'll also begin blogging and have other unique content available only at the online version of Xtreme.

Here's an introduction to the Xtreme Teen Board of 2008-2009.

Reach Sarah Day Owen at (706) 823-3223 or sarah.owen@augustachronicle.com.


STATS: 15, sophomore at Evans High School, writer

ABOUT JENA: "I'm in the marching band and I do guard," she wrote. "I absolutely love it."

She likes to write, which she uses as an outlet for stress. She also likes to read -- the Twilight series is her favorite.


STATS: 14, a sophomore at A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet School, writer

ABOUT KA'BRIA: Her hobbies include dancing, cheering, traveling, talking, taking pictures, reading and shopping.

She's a health science student who aspires to be a pediatric cardiac student, and thinks discussion about the war is important (she opposes it).

Ka'Bria describes herself as outgoing, witty and fun to be around.


STATS: 16, a junior at Augusta Preparatory Day School, writer

ABOUT MAGGIE: Maggie plays the violin and runs cross country and plays soccer for her school.

As resident of Thomson who attends school in Augusta, she has two different groups of friends. She's involved with the youth group and choir at her church, Thomson First United Methodist, and when she's not running around for her activities, she likes to read and watch movies.

She also cooks - she can make a mean pesto chicken pasta, but she says her mom makes it better.


STATS: 15, a junior in home school, writer

ABOUT JONATHAN: His hobbies include playing basketball and writing stories.

"And of course video games are a big part of my everyday life," he wrote.

He doesn't just play games though -- Jonathan makes his own board games. He's made one based on the Crusades and another on Lego Wars.

Jonathan is a creative writer who hopes to learn how to report and gain experience in other areas of writing.


STATS: 14, a freshman at Aquinas High School, writer

ABOUT BRIE: She wants to someday work for CNN and loves writing stories. The Aiken resident plans to study Egyptology and minor in journalism in college before she makes her way to the CNN center. Brie also loves to ride horses.


STATS: 17, senior at Midland Valley High School, writer

ABOUT MICHELE: Michele loves life and helping others. She's a laid-back girl who likes to run, play tennis and watch football.

She may be easy going, but she's also senior class vice president for her school. She loves hearing foreign languages and speaks French. Learning more languages and traveling to the Mediterranean are just two of her goals.


STATS: 16, a junior at Augusta Preparatory Day School, blogger

ABOUT STEFAN: Stefan is a talented returning board member who will be writing about his experiences during his year abroad in Spain.

He's a fan of soccer (or football, as they call it in Spain), reading and politics; according to Stefan, the reason he writes can be summed up in the quote "I write so I know what I think."


STATS: 18, a senior at Harlem High School, writer

ABOUT AMBER: She is serious about writing and editing -- she's re-writing a novel she's been working on for four years that Amber hopes to have published soon, but she'll be working on shorter pieces and deadlines for Xtreme.

"I'm really optimistic and outgoing with a positive outlook on life," Amber describes herself.

Other hobbies include reading, horseback riding, video games and shopping.


STATS: , senior at Jefferson County High School, writer

ABOUT WILLIAM: This returning board member lives in Louisville, so he has the longest to drive to meetings, but he doesn't let that stop him.

With his strong writing skills, he's covered controversial topics such as teens sounding off on bisexual dating reality schools and interracial relationships. He also wrote a column about race and the presidential election.


STATS: 16, a junior at North Augusta High School, writer/photographer

ABOUT LINDSAY: The junior class already trusts Lindsay to write it right as junior class secretary. Now she'll write and take photos for the Xtreme section. Lindsay is also a varsity cheerleader, but don't let her North Augusta uniform fool you.

"I would like more teens in our community to interact with each other than just people you go to school with."


STATS: 17, a senior at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, photographer

ABOUT ANA: She has studied photography at Davidson since her sophomore year and says she hopes to take creative photos to bring something to the stories and Xtreme.

One thing you may notice about Ana is that she's always smiling, but one thing you may not know just by looking at her is her dedication to her school work -- she'll spend hours at Borders burrowed in her books.


STATS: 17, senior at Evans High School, photographer

ABOUT MICHAEL: Michael has been taking pictures for four years, with photos published in several area publications, as well as in Xtreme for his work on the yearbook staff.

His photos range in content from rock bands to sporting events.

"I work too much, and I always have a camera with me," Michael wrote.

He claims he's still horrible about it, but the proof otherwise is in his published work.


STATS: 15, a sophomore at North Augusta High School, writer

ABOUT KYLE: On the board, Kyle hopes to write columns that will encourage more to read our section and help those who already read it.

"I come off as a simple guy, but behind that, I enjoy writing poetry and reading philosophy," he wrote.


STATS: 15, junior at Greenbrier High School, writer

ABOUT JOHN: John is the longest-serving veteran of the board, coming back for his third year as a quiet but integral part of the board.

"I have really enjoyed the Teen Board in the past two years and hope to make this year a great one," John wrote.

John is an Eagle Scout and is involved with the Math Team, the Spanish Club and volunteer work.


STATS: 14, freshman at Greenbrier High School, writer

ABOUT LAUREN: Lauren always tries to improve, from her baking recipes to her goals of improving as a writer this year on Xtreme. She wants to approach issues from new angles, and can do so from her unique perspective.

She's interested in politics and believes people should look beyond party lines when considering candidates. Besides talking politics, she likes to swim and cook -- her improvement on the typical banana nut muffin recipe is to substitute half of the water for milk, and to add cinnamon.


STATS: 16, junior at Evans High School, writer

ABOUT JACKIE: Jackie is returning for her second year on the Teen Board. Jackie, who plays clarinet and says her all-time favorite artist is Bob Marley, is of black and Puerto Rican heritage.

"In Augusta, it's very black and white and you don't see a whole lot of other people," she said.

Having two different cultures gives her a different perspective, she says, and hopes to bring more cultures to the Xtreme section.


STATS: 16, a junior at Greenbrier High School, writer

ABOUT MICHAEL: Another returning member, he is back for a year he plans to make "epic." His favorite pastime is talking, especially if it's about Harry Potter, theater, or any possible way he can marry Ellen DeGeneres.

His top three CDs are the Spring Awakening Broadway recording, Catching Tales by Jamie Cullum and Come on Feel the Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens. He claims he gets bored easily, so he fills his time on the stage, in the pool, or reading, writing and making movies.


STATS: 14, a freshman at Academy of Richmond County, writer

ABOUT AMBRIELLE: Just call her Toothpick, a name she says she got because of her tiny stature.

Her hobbies are track and cheering, and as one of the three freshmen on the board this year, her goals are to have a good time, make friends and experience something new. "You will have a blast with me," she said.


STATS: 16, a senior at Davidson Fine Arts School, writer

ABOUT SHARMARI: Shamari has a unique perspective; as an immigrant from Antigua who just received his citizenship last March, he has an international view on the U.S., especially on foreign relations, social issues and American customs.

Shamari's interests range from reading historical fiction to watching indie films; he listens to 80s music and plays the violin. He's an orchestra student at Davidson, but he tries to take as many social science classes as possible -- he plans to study political science in college.


STATS: 17, senior at Lakeside High School, writer

ABOUT HANNAH: To say veteran Teen Board member Hannah is energetic is an understatement. She's got enough energy for two cheerleading squads, one competitive and one for her school. She also has lofty goals of attaining a master's degree in international business or law -- or both. Hard work, high morals and her faith are important to her.

"If you think negative, you do negative," she says.

Her goal in returning this year is to write relevant articles.

"I want to be able to influence at least one person," she said.



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