The spotlight: brice duckworth

brice duckworth


STATS: 15, a rising sophomore at North Augusta High School

WHAT: German-speaking honor student

HIS STORY: Brice, who ranks 12th in his class, wants to become a biologist because research in the life sciences has always fascinated him and he enjoys learning about living organisms.

"One of my favorite classes in ninth grade was biology," he said.

He also would like to attend college in Germany.

"Going to college in Germany would be just as great, because they have terrific universities and I love the language. They have a no-tolerance policy for litter, and therefore it is a rather immaculate country, and they also have a good economy," Brice said.

He is enrolled in the Pre-International Baccalaureate program. Even though IB is more difficult and require more work, he believes it will be worth it in the long run.

Outside of school, Brice enjoys spending time with his friends, playing volleyball, reading and playing his cello.

Although Brice is now taking Spanish, he speaks German with family members in Europe by e-mail and with his oma (grandmother) when she comes over to visit.


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