Some teens would close Facebook to adult users

Facebook is now a household name, but teens have mixed feelings about having Mom and Dad on the site.


The social networking site was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Originally exclusive to Harvard University, the site gained popularity when it was opened to all college students, and later became one of the juggernauts of social networkings after adding high school students in 2005.

Facebook has faced its share of criticism. Users have voiced concern about the spam on the Web site, cluttered applications and its growing similarity to MySpace, another social networking site.

The increasing number of middle school pupils on Facebook led to a plethora of groups on Facebook with titles such as Get Middle Schoolers Off Facebook, and other highly original slogans. In 2006, Facebook opened its doors to adults who were not affiliated with colleges, leading to the inevitable groans from teenagers and college students.

Obviously, adults on Facebook would increase the site's traffic, but no one could guess to what extent. ComScore Inc. announced in May 2007 that Facebook had grown by 89 percent in one year because of the influx of older newcomers. One can find many blogs written by adults on how Facebook is great, how it allows them to get in touch with old friends, or how it allows them to spy on their children in a subtle fashion. You can even find tutorials instructing technologically challenged adults on setting up Facebook accounts.

Teens have conflicting views on the subject. Taylor Lamb, 16, a rising junior at Greenbrier High School, said, "It depends on how far you take it."

Alex Levy, 17, a rising junior at Augusta Preparatory Day School, echoed Taylor's sentiment.

"As long as they're not predators or messaging me and stuff like that," he said.

Tripp Calloway, 16, a rising junior at Augusta Prep, disagreed.

"I think it gets a little freaky when your teacher or parents are on Facebook. It's an invasion of my world."

Stefan O'Kula is a rising junior at Augusta Preparatory Day School.



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