Same-sex relationships are being flaunted, some think

From high school halls to the silver screen, long gone are the days of strictly straight relationships. On television and in school, affairs between students of the same gender become more common each day -- and some students aren't pleased.


"What has happened to our morals?" asks rising senior Katherine Johnson, of Jefferson County High School.

The same-sex preference is evident on MTV. In response to MTV's second season of reality dating show A Shot at Love with bisexual Tila Tequila, Katherine said, "The world has really gone down."

Tila, who chooses to date both sexes, embodies what students such as rising senior Samantha Kitchens feels is wrong.

"There's no self-esteem; people are reading the Bible but interpreting and twisting it into what they want it to say," Samantha said.

On one hand, the media are encouraging a higher level of tolerance in youths; however, what was once a disgrace has been glamorized to a degree that it almost seems preferred, Samantha said.

"It's not good for teens to be watching -- so why put it on a show?" she said.

Parents need to set limits on their children, according to teacher Valerie Robinson.

"I really think we should put the innocence back in our children," she said.

Some teens said they're taking it too seriously.

"I think people are being too cynical," said Marterria Fann, a rising senior at Jefferson County High. "It may not be morally right, but we have to accept people's differences."

William Fleming is a rising senior at Jefferson County High School



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