Summer jobs

School's out -- but oh, no -- you were too focused on exams or the arrival of summer to land a summer gig.


Here's your guide to where to look, how to apply and how to ace the interview to land a paycheck.

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If you're younger than 18, your job options are limited because of your age. Here are some places to look:

- Grocery stores , such as Publix's 403 Furys Ferry Road location, are hiring teens 16 and older. Get more information at the customer service counter.

- Ice cream stores , such as Bruster's Old Fashion Ice Cream & Yogurt locations at 1115 Agerton Lane in Augusta and 516 N. Belair Road in Evans, have employees as young as 14. Apply online at and take your application in between 3 and 5 p.m. They hire year round.

- Lifeguard . Locations such as the Family Y, 3570 Wheeler Road, or YMCA locations throughout Augusta have filled most positions, but some are still open.

Fill out an application at any YMCA branch but make sure you're already certified through the American Red Cross. You must be at least 15 to be certified, but if you're not already certified, you're out of luck for now: No open classes are scheduled through the Augusta chapter of the American Red Cross at this time.

- Babysitting. The Baby Sitter's Training class will give you an edge in running your own business. Classes by the American Red Cross will be held at the Columbia County library on June 14 and at the Family Y on Wheeler Road on June 28. Both sessions run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and cost $30. Register at the Augusta Red Cross office at 1322 Ellis St. or pay with a credit card over the phone by calling (706) 724-8481.

- Other options: Host, hostess or busing tables -- many server positions are for ages 18 or older. Fast food restaurants - if you're looking to keep your gas mileage down, find a close fast food restaurant that's hiring.


Want some tips on how to score a job? Here's some advice from Jenn Wise, assistant store manager of the Publix at 403 Furys Ferry Road; Rhonda Kendrick, manager of Bruster's Old Fashion Ice Cream & Yogurt at 1115 Agerton Lane; and Gayle Scott, human resources director at the Family Y:

- Be available : "The more hours they're available to work, the more they're considered," Ms. Wise said.

- Don't weed out weekends : For retail businesses, working weekends is a necessity.

- The interview is key : You can't tell how a person is by their application.

- Put your best face forward : They look for "happy and friendly" applicants to be cashiers and baggers and work at the front of the store. Make eye contact and don't give one-word answers.

- Be confident in the interview : "Put away your shyness and sell yourself," Ms. Scott said.

- Dress to impress : Don't show up for the interview in a T-shirt and flip-flops. Dress nicely.

- First-timers aren't deal-breakers : Publix and Bruster's hire a lot of first-time workers, and since they offer a lot of training, experience isn't necessary.

- Get involved : Bruster's looks for students who are involved in school activities and social groups. If they're involved, they're more likely to know how to prioritize.

- Play to your strengths : For example, at the YMCA, when they look for people to work at camps, they usually pick those with experience in a particular area.

- Ask around : Most of the teens working at the YMCA were referred by other camp staff.

- Good references : If an application requires references, Ms. Scott recommends you not use people your own age. Ask adults who have worked with you, such as coaches or teachers, who would be able to speak to your abilities on what you're applying for.


Eighty percent of teenagers work at some point while in high school. Here's what you need to know about working as a teen.

Federal and state regulations

- You must be at least 14 to work;

- Until you're 16, you can work only eight hours per day on a non-school day;

- 14 and 15 year olds may work a maximum of 40 hours on a non-school week;

- Hours for those younger than 16 are from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. from June 1 to Labor Day (Sept. 1).

Minimum wage: $5.85

Unemployment rate:

- 4.8 percent nationally

- 5 percent in the Augusta area

For more information about meal and break requirements for teens,

Source: Georgia Department of Labor Web site


THE TEEN: Jasmine Wynn, rising senior at A.R. Johnson

THE JOB: Jasmine is a two-year employee at Bruster's, and found out about the job through her friend Faye.

HER ADVICE: "Always come in person and let them know you are serious about a job."


THE TEEN: Faye Vanzuela, a recent graduate from Davidson Fine Arts School

HER ADVICE: Dress up. Faye, a two-year Bruster's employee, also works at a Sonic Drive In. She was one of two people who dressed up for the Sonic interview.

"That's how we got the job."


THE TEEN: Devin Saunders, a rising freshman at Davidson Fine Arts School

DRESS UP: He got hired on the spot when he came into Bruster's wearing a tie, button-up shirt and jeans.

HIS ADVICE: "Don't be scared," says the 14-year-old. "Just go for it."


THE TEEN: Jesse Sims, a recent graduate of Evans High School

ON THE JOB: He started at the Family Y as a lifeguard, then became a swim instructor. This summer, he's a camp counselor.

HIS ADVICE: Ask friends about jobs.


THE TEEN: Adia Stewart, rising senior at Glenn Hills High School

RÉSUMÉ A former McAlister's Deli employee, this year she found a job as a gymnastics camp counselor at the Family Y through her cousin. She had volunteered at the Family Y before.

HER ADVICE: "You just have to keep on searching."


THE TEEN: Meredith Thomason, a rising junior at Davidson

TRAINING COUNTS: She got certified to be a lifeguard through a class held at the Family Y last year.

HER ADVICE: "Just be able to do the job."


THE TEEN: Bryan Hayes, a rising junior at Lakeside High School

WORK EXPERIENCE: After getting his lifeguard certification, he worked at the Augusta Jewish Community Center pool. This year, he works at the Family Y.

HIS ADVICE: ''If you've done a good job, ask a volunteer coordinator to be a reference. If you haven't? Don't ask.''


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