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A recent sleep study determined the number of hours you sleep each night is connected with the number on your scale: People who sleep fewer than six hours or more than nine hours are more likely to be obese.

The study, conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, took a door-to-door survey of 87,000 adult Americans.

It also found that light sleepers are more likely to have higher smoking rates, be less physically active and are more likely to abuse alcohol.


Grand Theft Auto IV made a few moms mad: Mothers Against Drunk Driving is campaigning to have the Mature rating changed to Adults Only. The organization cites the feature that lets the main character drive while intoxicated. It's also drawn criticism from immigrant groups, feminists, police and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


These are the songs topping the chart this week on the Billboard Hot 100:

1. Bleeding Love , Leona Lewis

2. Lollipop , Lil Wayne featuring Static Major

3. No Air , Jordin Sparks duet with Chris Brown

4. 4 Minutes , Madonna and Justin Timberlake

5. Love in This Club , Usher and Young Jeezy

6. Sexy Can I , Ray J and Yung Berg

7. Touch my Body , Mariah Carey

8. Love Song , Sara Bareilles

9. Forever , Chris Brown

10. With You , Chris Brown


May 6 primaries resulted in Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with one win each. Mr. Obama gained 62 delegates in North Carolina, and Mrs. Clinton got 37 from Indiana. The totals are now 1,842 for the U.S. senator from Illinois, and 1,686 for the U.S. senator from New York. Today is the West Virginia primary, with 39 delegates up for grabs.



QuickHit: "Thor"


Release Date: May 6

Rated: PG-13

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Xtreme gallery: Westminster graduation

Westminster Schools of Augusta's graduation was Saturday, May 14, at First Presbyterian Church of Augusta.

There were 34 graduates.

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