Godspeed plays to inspire

Godspeed is an old word that's been given new life.


In Old English times, "Godspeed" was a blessing when a person would leave on a journey.

Now, it's the name four Aiken County teens have given to their band.

"We want to let people know that they can make it through life's journey with God," says band leader Blake Baggott, 16, a sophomore at Midland Valley High School.

"He will show up, but God moves at his own speed. It's Godspeed," he said.

Godspeed is made up of Blake, on guitar, piano and vocals; Adam Ewing, guitar and vocals; Brandon Baggott, bass and background vocals; and Will Widener, on drums.

Blake met Will, 16, a junior at Aiken High School, through church. Blake, Brandon, and Will started the band and invited Adam, 17, a junior at Midland Valley.

In a typical concert, Godspeed will play two or three covers, but the rest are originals:

Blake and Adam write songs. They use different methods to write their tunes.

"Adam's an emotional writer. He writes about what he's feeling, brings it to me, and we work on it together," Blake said. "When I'm writing a song, I usually try to think of something catchy for the chorus lyrics, then the melody. After I've started, I'll present it to the band."

Their strategy seems to work; Blake and Adam have written about a dozen songs since last year.

Brandon, 14, a freshman at Midland Valley, said the band is always a work in progress.

"We argue a lot, but in the end we get along and love each other," he said.

The band performs two to three times per month, the most memorable being the Battle of the Bands, according to Blake.

"We're just having so much fun praising Jesus together. We want to take our music to the ones who don't know how to worship. I like to think of us as a refuge of music," Blake said.

Brandon says their band is a ministry. Asked whether the band plans to stay together, Blake says, "Of course we want to make it big, but it's really not about that. We want to stay in God's will for us. It's totally in his hands, and we want to do exactly what he wants us to."

That's moving at Godspeed.

Rebekah Bryant is a home-schooled freshman.



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