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Singer Sara Bareilles has the No. 9 song.


Pope Benedict XVI made his first visit as pope to the U.S. last week. He met with Catholic church officials and President Bush and addressed issues such as the clergy sex abuse scandal.



A University of Minnesota School of Public Health study showed that older adolescents with a TV in their bedrooms were less likely to exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, and attend family meals. The same group was found more likely to be heavy TV watchers and consume more sugary beverages and fast food. Two-thirds of those surveyed had a TV in their bedrooms.


The songs topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week are:

1. Bleeding Love, by Leona Lewis

2. Lollipop, by Lil' Wayne and Static Major

3. No Air, by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

4. Love in This Club, by Usher and Young Jeezy

5. Touch my Body, by Mariah Carey

6. Sexy Can I, by Ray J and Yung Berg

7. 4 Minutes, by Madonna and Justin Timberlake

8. With You, by Chris Brown

9. Love Song, by Sara Bareilles

10. Low, by FloRida and T-Pain


South Carolina might tell teens to put down their cell phones when behind the wheel. A House committee approved a bill that forbids 15-and 16-year-old drivers from using their cell phones while operating a vehicle.



QuickHit: "Thor"


Release Date: May 6

Rated: PG-13

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Westminster Schools of Augusta's graduation was Saturday, May 14, at First Presbyterian Church of Augusta.

There were 34 graduates.

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