Spanish club communicates

When you walk into the third to last room in the 400 hall at Greenbrier High School, it is like walking into a different world.


You see students wearing sombreros, smell an enchilada that just came out of the oven and hear the sound of a piÃata crashing down to the floor and students running to get the treats that it contained.

You have walked into a meeting of the Spanish Club at Greenbrier High School.

Once a month, during club day at Greenbrier, the Spanish club meets and participates in various activities to help enrich the members' knowledge and appreciation for the Spanish language and Hispanic Culture.

Edelma Pique, one of the sponsors of the Spanish Club, says the club has participated in various activities to increase people's knowledge of Latin America culture. Bingo, dance, music, videos and power points have been part of these presentations.

The main activity the Spanish Club does each year is adopt a family from the community so the children will have something under the tree for Christmas.

Sophomore member Nicole Burdette's favorite part of the club is studying the different cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. She also liked when food, such as burritos, was brought in to show the members some of the different cuisine to be found in Hispanic America.

The mission for the Spanish club is so the students can learn more in-depth about the Spanish language.

"America is a mixture of different cultures and (it is important) to understand, to reach out to more people who have another perspective and to understand them," Ms. Pique said.

Learning other languages is important: "English is not the only language spoken in the world," Nicole said.

Ms. Pique also said that research has shown students who learn another language tend to have better SAT scores. The club also gives the sponsors a chance to teach the students things that you would not normally learn in the classroom.

"In class we have to follow a specific curriculum, in the club we can do anything," Ms. Pique said.

John Klement is a sophomore at Greenbrier High School



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