Profile: McKenzie Gray

McKenzie Gray is a four-sport athlete at Evans High School.

She shoots, she spikes, she scores and she is in the top of her class.


Evans High School senior McKenzie Gray, 17, is a four-sport athlete and has been playing varsity sports for all of her high school career. She is a member of the volleyball, basketball, track and soccer teams. But participating in all of these athletics has not been easy. McKenzie has overcome injuries -- both serious and minor. She had a torn rotator cuff when she was a sophomore, but worked hard in her physical therapy and was back spiking the volleyball the next year.

Injuries have kept her out of her sports for days and weeks, but she has never given up -- she just works harder to get back out and compete.

"I love to play every sport, and I know that with an injury you have to wait till they heal, but I have a hard time sitting," McKenzie said.

You would think with all the practices and games, McKenzie wouldn't have much time to devote to anything else, but she's in the top 10 percent of her class and president of National Honor Society. She's in the Beta Club, National Spanish Honor Society, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Discipleship and Renaissance Clubs.

"Staying busy is the only thing I know how to do," she says. "I would be so bored if I was not always doing something."

Evans High School Advanced Placement calculus teacher, Becky Horner, is impressed with McKenzie's classroom skills.

"I've seen McKenzie mature into a young lady, become more positive and succeed in my class," Mrs. Horner said.

Even with her busy schedule, McKenzie still finds time for one of her favorite things -- working with the kids at Warren Baptist Church. She helps coach sports and work with the children in Bible study.

"Nothing is more fun than kids, they make you forget how serious everything can sometimes get," she said.

McKenzie hopes to continue playing volleyball and possibly run track in college.

Jennifer Grant is a senior at Evans High School.



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