Don't get stuck in Masters trap

This week will be my 17th Masters as an Augusta citizen. I am proud to say that I have never been to the competition.


Honestly, I do not even know what the Augusta National looks like.

I know there are some readers out there that are in total shock and others that share the same sentiment as I do. However, as a youth in Augusta, the whole Masters Tournament is a world within itself.

Masters Week is the adult version of college spring break. During Masters Week, many people flock to Augusta, including celebrities and fanatics.

Just like spring break, there is unbearable traffic and crazy drivers. There is also an increase in product demand. The mall, bowling alleys, restaurants and even the historic sites, will be full of tourists.

During this week, I will be staying in my house, rarely venturing from my room. I will be studying for all of my Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams in May. I think that my house is the safest haven for me from all of the stress the tourists bring.

Sadly, I am not as fortunate as some of my peers who can go out of town for the week. I can go out of town mentally. Youth in Augusta should do the same.

It isn't necessary to go to the mall or bowling everyday of the week during Masters, and the same shoes you saw at Champs on Monday will not be on sale by Thursday, try Sunday instead.

Instead, teens should stay at home or hang out at each other's homes. Save gas and help the environment -- you can have just as much fun with your friends staying home, playing video games, watching TV or spending time outside.

Like many teens, I can remember when Tiger Woods won his first Masters and when Martha Burke protested.

I remember when I couldn't understand the purpose of Masters. I remember when I was so determined to get out during Masters Week, just so I could get stuck in traffic, never find a decent parking space and never have fun at the youth-friendly spots. Let's change this week, better yet, let's swing with a new club. Who knows, this new way of spending your vacation might be your "hole-in-one" to a great break.

Brianna Mack is a senior at the Academy of Richmond County.



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