The essentials: Do well at sports tryouts

During spring and summer, many middle and high school students are anticipating trying out for various sports. This can be stressful, especially if it is your first time to try out for a team sport or if you are heading into high school where there are more students competing for the positions.


Evans High School Athletic Director and coach Kevin Kenny has some tips to help you prepare.

Keep your scores high in the classroom: Coach Kenny stresses that grades need to come before any extra activity at school. Grades are the first thing coaches check before anyone participates. Work on your grades before you work on your sport. The no pass, no play rule always applies.

Get in shape. Start preparing at least six months before the tryout date. Running is the best way to get your body in top physical condition for tryouts, no matter the sport.

Work on the fundamentals of your chosen sport in the offseason. Go back to the basics of your sport when you're not in the playing season. That means doing those basic drills repeatedly. All great athletes have a good fundamental foundation.

Practice daily. Try to set aside at least one hour of practice time per day. Coach Kenny said that you can't expect to make the team if you have only been practicing for a week prior to the tryouts.

Get prepared mentally. If you have a positive outlook, you will be open to advice the coaches are giving and use their feedback to improve. During tryouts, there are different things going on, but stay focused on doing your best and you will succeed.

Jennifer Grant is a senior at Evans High School.



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