The spotlight

Naomi Hergott



STATS: 14, a freshman at Lakeside High School

WHAT: Ballerina

HER STORY: Naomi doesn't fit the stereotype of a ballerina; she certainly doesn't prance around in tutus.

"It's an art, (and) I couldn't live without it," Naomi says of her dancing.

Her commitment is evident in the amount of time she spends perfecting her skill.

"I dance about six days a week. A ballet class is about two hours long, but I have rehearsals on top of that, and I teach younger kids, too ... so I'm usually there for about four hours at a time," she said.

That doesn't leave time for much else, but Naomi still manages to earn straight As.

With all that dancing, one has to wonder whether she ever gets tired of it, but Naomi says she doesn't.

"Just like with any other activity, I get frustrated with myself sometimes. I've never been frustrated enough to even consider quitting, though," she said.

Naomi is preparing for her performance in the annual Roar of Love production of the Columbia County Ballet on March 28-29 at Bell Auditorium.

"I think performing is the best part about ballet. Dancing makes me happy, and dance is my life."



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