Xtreme Profile: Kelvin Briggs

Kelvin Briggs aka Yung Luv

Would you ever think that the person who has the locker right beside yours might someday have a platinum record?


That could happen, if your locker neighbor is Greenbrier High School senior Kelvin Briggs, whose stage name is Yung Luv.

He's working on a demo CD with Yogi, the producer for Dem Concrete Boyz, a local rap troupe with a large fan base outside the city.

Kelvin has high hopes of doing the same, and beyond.

"I'm going make sure that my performance on this demo is great and will get me where I need to be. Then the whole world will know about me and my music," he said.

Kelvin has been singing since he was 6. He showcased his voice in 2005 when he volunteered to sing the national anthem at a Greenbrier basketball game. He considers that performance to be one of his most memorable .

Kelvin's inspirations range from dancer and singer Ciara to the hard-hitting lyricist Lil' Wayne.

With moves similar to Omarion's and a voice that will give Chris Brown a run for his money, he was influenced by other artists and genres.

"My list of influences can go on forever!" he jokes.

Jay Butler is a sophomore at Hephzibah High School.



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