Foolishness of celebrities provides us with diversion

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Within hours of being released from a hospital where she was receiving psychiatric treatment, Britney Spears was being driven in Beverly Hills, Calif., with a swarm of paparazzi in full pursuit. News networks dutifully reported this latest behavior from the troubled entertainer.

It was around 7 p.m. one day a few weeks ago, and I wanted to watch the news.


I turned the TV to CNN, and saw Britney Spears. I figured that this was their "celebrity spotlight," so I changed to CNN Headline News, but I was surprised to discover that Britney was also the focus of their attention.

I flipped through all the news channels, and all of them were focusing on one thing: Britney Spears going to a hospital.

Society is obsessed by celebrities and what they do. There is a never-ending supply of news about celebrities; you can find it on television, magazines, radio -- everywhere. The demand for information is so great that The Associated Press has already written Britney Spears' obituary.

I must admit that I have taken part in this celebrity-news craving, which, to an extent, causes news coverage itself. Frankly, I could not stand it if I were followed by overzealous cameramen and photographers. That might cause me to snap and do something drastic. I might even consider doing something crazy so that I could get more publicity for my upcoming movies.

However, if we really think about it, how important is celebrity news? What are they doing to help the world that we are living in? Are they trying to solve global warming, running for president or changing the world?

So what's the obsession about?

It's this: There is so much despair and hopelessness in the world and they offer a diversion.

People are losing their homes and starving to death. Many people work long hours and receive little in return.

All these celebrities entertain us. They captivate us with the crazy things they do, and sadden us when they pass away.

In other times, scientists and political figures have played that role; however, now the role of entertaining us and lifting up our spirits belongs to the celebrities of our times.

John Klement is a sophomore at Greenbrier High School.



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