Essentials: showing others that you love them

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There are easy and inexpensive ways to make your own valentine cards at home.

On Valentine's Day, we want to show the people in our lives how much we love them. It's easy to pick up a box of chocolate and flowers without putting any thought into what you're doing. Ann-Marie Adams, a Sunday school teacher and artist in calligraphy and watercolors, offers tips on rising above superficiality:


DON'T BE SHALLOW: No one likes getting a tacky card with "Love, Me" scribbled inside. Dig a little deeper and let them know how you feel. Mrs. Adams says, "You never know how much you can impact a person by just letting them know how much you appreciate them."

INSPIRE: Tell your older sister how much you like her sense of style. Thank your mom and dad for providing for the family. Let your best friend know how incredible he is, and tell your fourth period English teacher that she's really influenced your life.

"Point out the good things about the people you love and, most importantly, let them know that you recognize these qualities in them," Mrs. Adams advised.

SHOW THEM YOU CARE: It's not the money you spend, it's the thought you put into making something really special. Rent your best friend's all-time favorite movie and watch it together, complete with that candy she loves and the fluffiest blanket you can find.

"Let them know that you really, genuinely care about them," she said.

Rebekah Bryant is a home-schooled freshman.



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