Work rocks: Day in the life of a radio station intern

I imagine if you have heard anything about internships you have wondered what exactly goes on when you officially intern somewhere. I can't tell you about that, but I can tell you what happens when you unofficially intern at radio station 95 Rock.


You have to be 18 to officially intern there because of insurance issues, but thankfully I know a lot of people there that seem to like me a lot. This is a day in the life of an unofficial intern for 95 Rock.

12 P.M.: I leave the house to go to the station, Beasley Broadcasting Group Inc. on Jimmie Dyess Parkway. I have to be there before 1 p.m., which is when I go on the air.

12:40 P.M.: I get to the station.

12:50 P.M.: When I get inside, I know my boss, Chuck Williams, is out getting some lunch. So until he gets back, I usually go inside the Kicks 99 studio to hang out with Gen. Zach Taylor.

Believe it or not, other stations work out of that building, too.

1 p.m.: Chuck gets back from lunch. We hang out in the studio until it's time to go on the air. We talk about events such as concerts.

1:17 P.M.: Time to go on the air. This is when the most unpredictable stuff happens. I've learned a few things about being on the air -- the most important being to listen and know what you're going to say. All kinds of things can happen, and you have to keep your cool. Sometimes, Chuck will decide on a whim that I'm going to run the board that week. The board runs everything that goes on the air. When we finally go on, Chuck has me give my opinions on Kid Rock. Definitely a good way to start the hour.

1 TO 3 P.M.: The hours are filled with talking to Chuck, and other Beasley employees and trips to the front desk with stuff for people who won tickets or T-shirts. At 3 p.m., my day on the air ends with the crossover from Chuck and I to Jordan Zeh and Michelle Mitchell. That is also when I give my Padawan Pearls of Wisdom, which is usually some kind of odd thing I learned in the last week.

3-3:45 P.M.: I go to Chuck's office and rummage through CD's that have come in.

Along with that amazing time on the air I have every week, I also get to go to concerts. Recently, Chuck asked me if I wanted to go a Three Days Grace concert in Atlanta. Three Days Grace is one of my favorite bands, so I was thrilled.

I also get to meet a lot of bands and singers. I have pictures on my MySpace of Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach, when he was here for the show at the USC Aiken Convocation Center, and Finger Eleven, when they stopped by the studio to say hello. I am a lucky girl to be doing this.



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