The Spotlight

John Duggan

John Duggan


WHO: 17, a junior at Augusta Prep

WHAT MAKES HIM SPECIAL: He's the total package: three-sport athlete, social leader, Eagle Scout, ladies' man (according to many girls), National Honor Society member and Mr. Crazy Spirited. John Duggan is one cool guy.

"I'm just having a good time," John said. "Wait, that makes me sound like a slacker."

He's anything but. John runs cross-country, swims and runs track during the school year. He also helps out at Social every other week, teaching kids how to fox trot and twist. This year, John earned his Eagle Scout badge after having been with the Boy Scouts since third grade. He's at all of Augusta Prep's games and is always yelling so loud he blows your eardrums out. That presents two problems: first, you aren't able to hear for the next week and, second, he won't be able to shout for the next two.

"John's just awesome," said Isabella Metz, 17, a junior at Prep.

Collier McLeod, 16, also a junior, agrees.

"He's so much fun to be around," Collier said. "Maybe it's the hair."

She's referring to John's head of angelic blond curls, also referred to as "the fro."



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