Member of Raider Team says he's up to a challenge

Hephzibah High School junior Michael Guzik is a sergeant first class in the school's JROTC and a member of the Raider Team. Michael plans to go straight to college after high school.

Can you do 88 push-ups in two minutes? How about climb a 13-foot-tall wall with a rope using your bare hands? Or do you think you can run eight miles in 90-degree weather?


Sgt. 1st Class Michael Guzik, 16, has conquered all of these tough obstacles and much more as part of the Hephzibah High School Army JROTC Raider Team.

Michael, a junior, has been in JROTC for three years and on Raider Team for two years.

Michael considers himself a different person in uniform, not only because all the girls notice him but also because he becomes a responsible leader whom his peers and subordinates can look up to.

"I take Raider Team very seriously," he said. "It's my life."

When given a challenge, he steps up to it, he says.

"And if I lose the challenge, I always accept defeat," Michael said. "It just lets me know how much harder I need to work to be the best."

Coming from a strict background (his father was a Marine drill sergeant), Michael said, he has gotten used to the regimented lifestyle.

"I can say I pretty much like discipline, though sometimes it can be tough," he said. "But I know it will all pay off in the end."

Michael isn't all business, though.

He also likes to hang out with friends and have a lot of fun.

Michael plans to graduate high school and go straight to college. He says he also wants to join the Army, but there's a good chance he will follow in his father's footsteps and become a Marine.

Ricie Robinson is a sophomore at Hephzibah High School.



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